25% Discount: “Medical Apartheid” – The Shocking History of Medical Experimentation on African Americans


“Medical Apartheid” by Harriet Washington is a powerful and eye-opening book that exposes the shocking history of medical experimentation on African Americans. This groundbreaking work is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of medical ethics, human rights, and the ongoing fight for equality.

In this meticulously researched and expertly written book, Washington reveals the many ways that African Americans have been exploited and mistreated by the medical establishment over the past several hundred years. From the earliest days of colonialism to modern-day clinical trials, she documents the atrocities committed against black bodies in the name of science.

“Medical Apartheid” is a deeply disturbing book, but it’s also an important one. By exposing the darkness of our past, Washington shows us the path forward. She argues that we must acknowledge and confront the legacy of medical racism in order to achieve true social justice and create a more equitable and humane society.

One of the most powerful things about “Medical Apartheid” is the way Washington links the past to the present. She shows how many of the same patterns of exploitation and abuse continue today, and how they perpetuate the systemic inequality that plagues our society. By shining a light on these issues, she gives us the tools we need to begin to dismantle them.

“Medical Apartheid” is not an easy read, but it’s a necessary one. It’s a call to action, a challenge to do better, to be better. Anyone who cares about justice, equality, and human rights needs to read this book.

If you’re ready to confront the truth about our past and work towards a better future, “Medical Apartheid” is the book you need. And with our 25% discount, there’s never been a better time to buy. Click the link below to order your copy today.

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