20% Discount for Goodnight, Little Blue Truck: A Heartwarming Story of Friendship and Bedtime Routine


After a long day of fun and adventure, it’s time for little ones to wind down and prepare for bed. What better way to do this than with a heartwarming story about friendship and bedtime routine? Goodnight, Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle is just the book you need to help your child transition into a peaceful bedtime.

Here are some of the reasons why this book is a must-read for parents and caregivers:

  1. Features a beloved character: Goodnight, Little Blue Truck features the lovable Little Blue Truck that children have come to know and love. The character is a perfect match for young readers, and they will enjoy following along with the catchy rhymes.
  2. Teaches important values: The book’s themes of kindness, friendship, and helping others makes it more than just a bedtime story. It imparts important values and encourages positive behaviors in children.
  3. Encourages predictability: Children thrive on predictability, and the rhyme scheme of Goodnight, Little Blue Truck helps them anticipate what is coming next. This predictability makes it an excellent choice for bedtime reading.
  4. Whimsical illustrations: The detailed and whimsical illustrations by Jill McElmurry are the perfect complement to the story and capture the attention of both adults and children.

  1. Repetition and interactive: The repetition of the story and interactive elements such as animal noises make it easy for children to follow along while also engaging them in the story.

In conclusion, Goodnight, Little Blue Truck is a wonderful bedtime book with its catchy rhymes, beloved character, valuable lessons, whimsical illustrations, predictability, and interactive elements. Every child should experience the joy of this heartwarming story. Get your copy today and enjoy a 20% discount on the purchase price. Follow this link to make your order.


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