30% Discount on “The Rediscovery of America: Essays by Barry Lopez”


“The Rediscovery of America” is a collection of essays written by Barry Lopez, the award-winning author and naturalist, on issues surrounding ecology, culture, and history in America. These essays offer an insightful and profound look at what it means to be American and our connection to the environment.

Lopez is revered for his lyrical writing style, insightful observations, and his love for the natural world. His essays dive deeply into issues of social justice, environmentalism, and the desperate need for the modern world to reconnect with nature and to find balance as human beings.

“The Rediscovery of America” is thought-provoking and often challenging. Lopez’s essays highlight the issues facing America and the world today and demand that we take a hard look at our collective future. He draws on his extensive travels across America to offer his perspectives on a broad range of topics, including indigenous culture, the impact of colonialism, and our need to forge new connections with the land that sustains us.

These essays encourage meaningful discussions about American identity and offer a profound understanding of the changes needed to better serve and protect the environment. It is a wakeup call to Americans and the world to take action on the climate crises that threaten our planet.

Through these essays, Lopez shows that the deepest challenges of our time are found at the intersections of culture and nature. His vivid descriptions and authentic voice draws readers in and challenges our worldview.

And with a 30% discount, this book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of the planet and the role of America in shaping that future.

In summary, “The Rediscovery of America” is:

  • A collection of essays by Barry Lopez on ecology, culture, and history in America
  • Offers thought-provoking and insightful perspectives on American identity and the role of America in the world
  • Encourages meaningful discussions about the climate crises and the urgent need to protect the environment
  • A profound wakeup call to individuals and governments to take action towards climate change
  • Available now at an impressive discount of 30%.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to read a collection of essays that will challenge your worldview. Order “The Rediscovery of America” by Barry Lopez today and take a crucial step towards understanding the urgency of environmentalism and the role of America.

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